Fokker F28 Mark 0100, G-BXWE, 14 August 2004

Fokker F28 Mark 0100, G-BXWE


After recycling the landing gear, consulting with company engineers and carrying out the prescribed procedure for alternate landing gear lowering, the crew were committed to landing the aircraft with a nose landing gear unsafe indication. The aircraft landed with out incident; the nose landing gear indicated safe during the landing roll. Subsequent engineering investigations revealed that the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) procedure for checking the nose landing gear downlock plunger clearance was ambiguous, in that it did not make it clear that it is necessary to apply a rearward force on the nose landing gear when checking the downlock plunger clearance. It is believed that this caused the nose landing gear downlock to be misrigged. In response to the airline’s recommendation, the aircraft manufacturer has agreed to amend the AMM procedure.

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Published 10 December 2014