Fokker F27-500, EI-SMF, 8 September 2004

Fokker F27-500, EI-SMF


At approximately 75 kt on takeoff from Runway 05 at Stansted the aircraft deviated to the right but was recovered to the centreline by a reduction in power and use of rudder. When power was re applied to continue the takeoff the aircraft turned significantly to the left and the take off was abandoned. As the aircraft came to a stop external indications lead the commander to believe that the left engine was on fire. The Airfield Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene and the left engine was successfully shutdown without further incident. Subsequent examination revealed that the left engine turbine had burnt out as a result of the left propeller being hung on the flight fine pitch stop at the time the throttle was re-opened. Furthermore, a defect was discovered in the Nose Wheel Steering (NWS) follow-up control valve that caused vibration of the NWS and damaged the dowel pins in the steering gearbox leading to erratic changes in the NWS datum making the aircraft difficult to steer.

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Published 10 December 2014