Fokker 50, OO-VLQ, 25 August 2005

Fokker 50, OO-VLQ


The aircraft was being taxied onto Stand 3, at Cardiff Airport, under the guidance of a marshaller when its left wing tip collided with the end of the terminal. It was dark at the time and the taxiway surface was wet. This was the only stand available. The aircraft could not be parked nose-in because a tow bar for this type of aircraft was not available, so it was to be parked 180º from the norm. No other marshaller was available to monitor the wing tip. When the aircraft was signalled to turn to the right by the marshaller it continued forwards before starting the right turn. Its left wing tip then hit the end of the terminal. The pilot reported that when instructed by the marshaller, he initiated a right turn. The aircraft’s left wing tip then hit the building. He added that due to spotlights on top of the terminal shining towards him, he found it hard to determine his distance from the building. The resulting damage was a broken wing tip light and a 3 foot long dent to the leading edge of the left wing.

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Published 10 December 2014