Flight Design CTSW, G-CENE, 3 October 2010

Flight Design CTSW, G-CENE


The pilot was flying from Wycombe Air Park to Barton Aerodrome and had checked the Manchester Airport TAF before departing from Wycombe Air Park. This TAF forecast a 40% to 50% probability of 3,000 m visibility in heavy rain, with a broken cloud layer at 900 ft agl for the planned arrival time at Barton Aerodrome, which is 8 nm from Manchester Airport. The pilot reported being confronted by low cloud on his intended route to Barton Aerodrome and he decided to make a precautionary landing at Arclid airstrip. He descended to 500 ft agl whilst positioning the aircraft on a right-hand downwind leg for Runway 20. The aircraft flew into heavy rain during the turn onto final approach and the pilot reported that the airspeed shown on the ASI fell to zero. The final approach was high and fast, and the aircraft touched down approximately halfway along the 400 m grass runway. Following a bounce, the aircraft landed and during heavy braking, it departed from the runway approximately 15 m from its end. The nose landing gear leg collapsed and the aircraft overturned. The pilot and his passenger were able to vacate the aircraft without further incident.

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Published 10 December 2014