Flight Design CT2K, G-IDSL, 17 April 2010

Flight Design CT2K, G-IDSL


After takeoff, the pilot had to apply more right rudder than usual to counteract a yaw to the left. This became progressively worse until the pilot ran out of rudder authority. Following two wide and slow circuits and two rejected landings, the pilot made a successful, but firm landing. He suffered no injury. Subsequent inspection of the aircraft identified that the rudder pedal limit stops and centring mechanism were damaged, which had restricted the travel of the right rudder pedal. Prior to the accident, the aircraft had been manoeuvred on the ground using a mechanical tug. The UK type certificate holder for the aircraft stated that they did not provide, nor approve the use of, mechanical towing aids for the aircraft. The right rudder pedal tube, engine mounts and nose strut also suffered damage.

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Published 10 December 2014