Flight Design CT2K, G-CBEX, 2 March 2013

Flight Design CT2K, G-CBEX


The aircraft had flown from its base near Newark-on-Trent to the airstrip, about 17 nm away. On arrival, a person on the ground informed the pilot by radio that the landing direction at the east-west orientated grass strip was to the west. The weather was fine, with a light surface wind from north or north-west. The pilot flew a right hand finals turn to a normal landing on the strip, which the pilot described as wet. After a short ground run, the aircraft encountered a bump and became airborne again for a time. When it landed again, the pilot applied the brakes, but this induced a skid and the aircraft veered to the left. The pilot regained control but, having insufficient runway remaining to abandon the landing, attempted a controlled run off onto an adjacent track. However, the left main wheel caught in a dyke and the left wing struck a tree. The aircraft yawed through 360° and came to rest.

The pilot observed that the best course of action would have been to go-around after the initial bounce. He had not landed at the airstrip before and was unaware that the last 100 m of the strip sloped downwards.

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Published 10 December 2014