Fan Jet Falcon 20E, G-FRAI, 9 August 2012

Fan Jet Falcon 20E, G-FRAI


The aircraft overran the runway when takeoff was abandoned due to a potential birdstrike. The crew stated that V1 had not been called when the decision to stop the takeoff was made but analysis of available recorded data indicated that the aircraft was approximately nine knots above V1 when actions were taken to reject the takeoff. No aircraft faults were found to have contributed to the incident although the surface friction characteristics of the runway stopway adversely affected the deceleration rate achieved during the final stages of the rejected takeoff. The lack of a CVR or FDR severely limited the ability of the investigation to determine the exact sequence of events during the incident. Two Safety Recommendations are made.

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Fan Jet Falcon 20E G-FRAI 06-13.pdf (679.68 kb)

Published 10 December 2014