Falconar F-11-3, G-AWHY, 7 October 2011

Falconar F-11-3, G-AWHY


Prior to departure, the pilot extensively planned a cross-country flight from Chichester (Goodwood) Airfield to Dunkeswell Airfield, including a 30 minute fuel reserve. Just after takeoff, he noted a fault with the aircraft’s fuel gauge but continued the flight using fuel remaining calculations, based on his flight plan assumption of a fuel consumption rate of 15 litres per hour. As the flight progressed, the pilot realised the sectors were taking longer than he had anticipated. Despite rerouting onto a shorter flight plan, as he commenced his approach into Dunkeswell, the engine began to falter. The pilot realised he would not reach his intended airfield, and when the engine stopped completely, he identified a nearby gliding club where he could land. Although the pilot completed the initial touchdown without incident, a flock of sheep ran in front of the aircraft during the landing roll. The resulting collision caused damage to the aircraft’s right wing, but the sheep and the pilot were uninjured. The pilot later identified that a planned fuel consumption rate of 22 litres per hour was more realistic for the aircraft.

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Published 10 December 2014