Falcon 900EX, VP-BMS, 9 February 2004

Falcon 900EX, VP-BMS


The aircraft departed from Kilimanjaro en route to London (Luton) airport with a known hydraulic problem. The crew believed, incorrectly, that this was allowed under the terms of the Minimum Equipment List. During the approach at Luton the crew were unable to obtain indications that the gear was down and locked following selections on both the normal and emergency systems. The crew requested a diversion to Stansted and the aircraft was configured for a full flap landing on Runway 05. During the landing roll the right main landing gear partially retracted and the aircraft veered to the right until it finally left the paved surface, crossed the grass, and came to rest about 139 metres to the right of the runway centreline. Four safety recommendations have been made as a result of the investigation.

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Published 10 December 2014