Extra EA 300/L, G-IIEX, 26 May 2008

Extra EA 300/L, G-IIEX


The aircraft was en-route from a flying display at Southend Airport, to its home base at Shoreham. Due to inclement weather, with a low cloudbase and poor visibility, the pilot planned to fly around the Kent coast, but having encountered better weather than expected when airborne, he set off across the county. Unfortunately the visibility deteriorated and the cloudbase lowered so he decided to abandon his route and re-trace his path. Instead of reversing his course, however, he turned through approximately 270°, and found he was flying up a valley. He elected to carry out a precautionary landing into a field, but lost control of the aircraft on final approach. The aircraft struck the ground at low speed while rolling and banked to the right. Although the airframe remained relatively intact and no ground fire occurred, both occupants were injured, one seriously. Three Safety Recommendations are made.

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