EV-97 TeamEurostar UK, G-CEFZ, 26 August 2013

EV-97 TeamEurostar UK, G-CEFZ


Following a number of successful circuits with his instructor, the solo student, who had a total of 1 hour 45 minutes as PIC, was carrying out a touch-and-go landing on Runway 08. The surface wind was reported as being from 040° at 9 kt. The student reported that all went well during the flare until the aircraft “suddenly dropped” on to the runway. It then bounced and was seen to develop an oscillation in pitch, resulting in a nosewheel first touchdown and the subsequent collapse of the nose landing gear. The aircraft came to a halt on the runway and the pilot, who was uninjured, was able to vacate it unaided.

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Published 10 December 2014