EV-97 Eurostar, G-CDNI, 3 May 2013

EV-97 Eurostar, G-CDNI


The Eurostar aircraft was parked at Shoreham when a member of the ground crew observed it being “lifted off the ground” several times as an Apache helicopter landed nearby. Before departing for Landmead the Eurostar pilot made only a quick pre-flight check because the Apache was due to start up. During the landing roll at Landmead the pilot applied the brakes and the aircraft swerved left, causing the nose leg and right main gear leg to collapse.

The pilot considered that some damage may have been caused at Shoreham which a more thorough pre-flight inspection might have revealed.

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EV-97 Eurostar G-CDNI 11-13.pdf (172.09 kb)

Published 10 December 2014