Eurostar EV-97, G-CERE, 8 September 2008

Eurostar EV-97, G-CERE


The pilot completed the pre-takeoff and power checks to his satisfaction before lining up at the eastern threshold of the 461 metre long grass strip. The grass was short and dry, the runway was relatively flat and there was a light westerly wind. He commenced the takeoff run into wind with full power and the first stage of flap selected. The aircraft reportedly accelerated more slowly than usual and after a ground run of approximately 100 metres and at 10 to 15 mph below the normal takeoff speed, the pilot pulled back gently on the control stick. The aircraft rose approximately two metres into the air before descending again. It bounced once, during which the left wing struck the ground and was damaged. The engine performed normally when tested after the accident. The pilot could not account for the poor acceleration, but thought it was possible that either he or his passenger might have inadvertently rested their feet on the brakes during the takeoff run.

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Published 10 December 2014