Europa XS, G-WIKI, 6 May 2012

Europa XS, G-WIKI


The aircraft rejoined the circuit at Sleap Airfield after a local flight. It was a fine day, with calm air and good visibility, and Runway 18 was in use. The pilot was forced to carry out a go-around from his first approach as the runway was occupied by another aircraft. The same situation occurred on his second approach. On the third approach, and after the pilot had made his ‘downwind’ call on the Air/Ground frequency, another aircraft called on the frequency to request a straight-in-approach. The pilot was unable to see the other aircraft and continued normally to finals, making the standard circuit calls.

The aircraft landed but was too fast and it bounced. There were a number of other bounces, until the propeller struck the ground, causing the engine to stop. The aircraft came to a stop on the runway and both occupants, who were wearing full harnesses and were uninjured, vacated the aircraft through the normal access doors.

The pilot gave the cause of the accident as the excess speed on landing, and considered that the distraction posed by the other aircraft was a contributory factor.

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Published 10 December 2014