Europa XS, G-RMMT, 21 May 2005

Europa XS, G-RMMT


The aircraft was being flown by a PFA approved test pilot, on conditions imposed by a ‘Permit To Fly for Test Purposes’. During the approach to land the pilot attempted to increase power but the engine did not respond to throttle movements; a successful forced landing was carried out into a field. A detailed examination was carried out but no fault could be reproduced. After discussions with the PFA a further test flight was completed, during which the engine functioned satisfactorily. On a subsequent flight the pilot was again unable to restore power following a period in the descent. He therefore carried out another successful forced landing into a field. During a more extensive examination it was determined that the engine was equipped with an obsolete standard of stator for the dual ignition system. This had been the subject of a Mandatory Service Bulletin that had been issued a number of years ago. It had been applied to all engines supplied to UK customers by the UK agent and to all other operators of the type known to be operating in the UK. The Bulletin required all stators to be replaced with a modified design supplied free as an exchange component. Turbocharged versions of the Rotax 914 engine used in Europa aircraft kits supplied to the USA must be sourced from suppliers/agents in that country; they do not form part of the kits shipped from the UK. The precise history of the engine in G-RMMT before it was installed in the airframe during build and before being shipped to the UK from the USA could not be established.

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Published 10 December 2014