Europa XS, G-CEMI, 5 September 2009

Europa XS, G-CEMI


Following an uneventful flight and approach to Runway 22 at Gloucestershire Airport, the aircraft initially landed on its mainwheels; however, when the nose was lowered the aircraft became airborne again. This took the pilot by surprise and he attempted to apply power for a go-around, but the aircraft landed again on its nosewheel and bounced, followed by a heavy landing on all three landing gear legs. During this landing the propeller struck the ground and the nose leg was damaged. The pilot was uninjured and was able to exit the aircraft normally. The wind at the time was from 240? at 7 kt. The pilot stated that, in his opinion, he had probably flared slightly late and as a result the aircraft’s speed was still high at touchdown, leading to a bounce and the aircraft becoming airborne again. As the bounce was unexpected the pilot assessed that his reactions were not quick enough to initiate a go-around before the aircraft touched down again, this time on its nosewheel.

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Published 10 December 2014