Europa (Tri-gear), G-BWZA, 5 November 2005

Europa (Tri-gear), G-BWZA


The pilot had flown from Full Sutton Airfield, Yorkshire, to Netherthorpe Airfield, Nottinghamshire. On his arrival in the Netherthorpe area he made radio contact with the airfield and was informed that the surface wind was from 210º at 15 to 20 kt. The visibility was good with cloud at 1,800 feet. He carried out an overhead join and made an approach to Runway 24, a grass runway with 370 m (1,210 ft) of landing distance available and an upslope; the runway surface was wet. The approach was flown with full flap at a speed of 60 kt and a normal flare and touchdown was made. After a ground roll of some 30 to 40 m the aircraft lifted into the air again, drifted to the right and then dropped heavily back to the ground. The landing gear was damaged but the occupants were not injured and were able to disembark normally. The pilot commented that the wind conditions were blustery and thought that runway surface irregularities may have caused the aircraft to become airborne again. The flight test stall speeds for this particular aircraft are not known but a typical stall speed for the type, with full flap, would be around 44 kt.

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Published 10 December 2014