Escapade Jabiru(3), G-VNON, 6 April 2013

Escapade Jabiru(3), G-VNON


The pilot was conducting a local flight from a private airstrip. The grass airstrip was orientated 01/19, and the pilot estimated the surface wind at 9 or 10 kt, variable in direction between 010° and 080°. After taking off in a northerly direction he encountered rather turbulent conditions, so decided to curtail the flight and return to the airstrip. As he descended on final approach there was still some turbulence, so he configured the aircraft with two stages of flaps (30°) and increased the approach speed from 50 to 55 kt.

The pilot was satisfied with the final approach, although there was a significant crosswind. Approaching the flare the aircraft was slightly fast and the pilot anticipated a slightly late touchdown. However, the aircraft suddenly sank from about 10 ft onto the airstrip, which the pilot thought may have been due to an unexpected wind shift. The aircraft then encountered a bump about halfway along the 500 m strip, and bounced back into the air. When it touched down again the nose leg collapsed, followed by the right leg. The aircraft veered to the right but remained substantially upright.

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Published 10 December 2014