Escapade 912(1), G-CDKL, 22 September 2012

Escapade 912(1), G-CDKL


The aircraft was being flown on a flight from an airfield in North Yorkshire to Eshott in Northumberland. The weather at Eshott was fine, with a light easterly wind and good visibility. On arrival, the pilot was informed by the Air/Ground operator that Runway 26 was in use, which was an asphalt runway, 550 m in length.

The aircraft (a tailwheel type) was not fully aligned with the runway on touchdown. The pilot applied rudder to correct the situation but lost control of the aircraft, which ‘ground looped’. Its right main landing gear collapsed and the right wing made contact with the runway. The propeller also contacted the runway and shattered. The cockpit area was undamaged; the pilot and his passenger vacated the aircraft via the side doors.

Whilst on final approach, the pilot had noticed an aircraft taxiing towards the runway threshold for departure. He thought he had been distracted by this aircraft, with the result that the aircraft landed whilst not fully aligned, and that his use of rudder had led to the loss of control.

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