Embraer EMB-145EU, G-EMBT, 29 December 2006

Embraer EMB-145EU, G-EMBT


During the landing roll, in a strong crosswind, the aircraft’s rudder hard-over protection system (RHPS) tripped which resulted in the loss of both rudder hydraulic systems and reversion to the rudder’s mechanical mode. The commander was able to maintain directional control using a combination of asymmetric braking and rudder. The RHPS was unnecessarily triggered in this event as no fault with the aircraft was found. High rudder or brake pedal force application by the commander or incorrectly adjusted pedal force microswitches may have triggered the RHPS. The operator is planning on checking the pedal force microswitches during the aircraft’s next base maintenance. A safety recommendation was made to the manufacturer concerning the design of RHPS.

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Published 10 December 2014