Embraer EMB-145EP, G-ERJG, 20 February 2005

Embraer EMB-145EP, G-ERJG


During the climb, the pilots were unable to keep the autopilot engaged, and later became aware of smoke and fumes in the cockpit. Shortly afterwards the commander’s flight displays and the Engine Instrument and Crew Alerting System failed. Smoke was evident briefly in the passenger cabin and the aircraft diverted to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. After landing, disembarkation was delayed whilst the crew attempted to follow complex taxi instructions. The source of the smoke was identified as the number 1 IC-600 avionics integrated computer. The investigation found that the procedure for recovering information to cockpit displays in the event of failure of an IC-600 computer had been omitted during a previous revision of the Quick Reference Handbook (QRH). One safety recommendation was made concerning restoration of the appropriate procedure in the QRH.

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Published 10 December 2014