Embraer EMB-135ER, G-RJXJ, 28 February 2011

Embraer EMB-135ER, G-RJXJ


During the landing roll the pilots saw cockpit indications of a fire in the baggage compartment. The aircraft was taxied clear of the runway and brought to a halt on the taxiway, and a PAN call was made requesting the attendance of the emergency services. The pilots carried out the emergency checklist actions, which included discharging a fire extinguisher into the baggage hold, and asked a member of the cabin crew to look into the hold through an inspection hole in the lavatory floor. The cabin crew member reported that the hold “looked cloudy”. The commander instructed the passengers to vacate the aircraft promptly through the normal exit leaving cabin baggage behind. The emergency services found no evidence of fire; cloudiness in the hold was thought subsequently to be due to the fire extinguisher discharge. The operator believed that the incident might have been caused by water ingress into one of the fire detectors.

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