Embraer E120 Brazilia, F-GFEO, 31 March 2005

Embraer E120 Brazilia, F-GFEO


The aircraft was on a line training flight with an inexperienced first officer being trained by the company’s chief training captain. The crew was being radar vectored for a localiser/DME approach to Runway 08 at Ronaldsway, Isle of Man. The crew had mistakenly set the IOM VOR instead of the appropriate ILS although the commander stated he was later aware of this, prior to the aircraft commencing its descent. He believed it would make a good training point and so did not point out the mistake to the first officer and left the VOR selected. As a result the aircraft descended by reference to the wrong DME some 5nm early, descending to 475 feet over the sea more than 5nm short of the runway. The crew’s actions were questioned by ATC and the commander immediately climbed the aircraft back to 1,600 feet to re-establish on the correct approach path before landing.

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