Easy Raider J2.2(1), G-OESY, 17 February 2007

Easy Raider J2.2(1), G-OESY


The pilot was undertaking a short cross-country flight from Plaistows Airfield near St. Albans to Stoke Airfield on the Isle of Grain. The weather conditions were: scattered cloud above 1,000 feet, visibility greater than 10 km and a south-south-westerly wind of 7 to 10 kt. The pilot flew a standard approach involving an overhead join and a curved final approach to Runway 24L (grass). On short final he reported that he was too fast and approaching at a steeper angle than normal. He then initiated the flare late which resulted in a heavy landing on all three wheels simultaneously. He taxied the aircraft off the runway, parked and then shut down. The aircraft was found to have suffered damage to the left main landing gear structure.

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Published 10 December 2014