EAA Biplane, G-BBMH, 15 April 2012

EAA Biplane, G-BBMH


The aircraft was at the holding point for Runway 01 at RAF Benson while the pilot carried out a pre-takeoff power check. The surface wind was reported as steady from 010° at 14 kt and the aircraft was stationary on a westerly heading. During a carburettor heat check at 1,500 RPM, the pilot became aware through his peripheral vision that the aircraft’s attitude was changing. He looked up to see that the tail was starting to rise, despite application of full aft control column. He closed the throttle, released the wheel brakes and switched the engine off, but was unable to stop the propeller striking the ground.

The aircraft remained tipped forward, resting on its main wheels and nose. The pilot made the aircraft switches safe and vacated. The airfield fire service attended and assisted the pilot to right the aircraft. The pilot thought that a wind shift, combined with a forward centre of gravity (but which was within prescribed limits) may have contributed to the accident.

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Published 10 December 2014