DynAero MCR-01 VlA Sportster, G-MCRO, 6 May 2013

DynAero MCR-01 VlA Sportster, G-MCRO


The aircraft was landing at a grass airstrip when the accident occurred. The airstrip was 461 m long and 9 m wide, and orientated east-west. The weather conditions were warm and fine, with a light southerly wind of 5 kt or less. With no headwind, the pilot was aware of the need not to delay braking after landing, which he carried out in a westerly direction. However, when he started braking, he applied too much brake and the aircraft skidded towards standing crops which were to each side of the airstrip. The pilot ceased braking to regain control, but then did not brake hard enough, with the result that the aircraft approached the end of the strip at too high a speed. The pilot steered the aircraft to the left, onto a freshly cut turning area, and it skidded again. Its right wingtip made contact with a hedge that ran along the end of the airstrip, causing the aircraft to yaw sharply right, into the hedge.

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