Dornier 328-110, D-CPRW, 28 November 2005

Dornier 328-110, D-CPRW


The aircraft had a covering of frost and was de-iced/anti-iced using a heated mixture of Type II+ de icing fluid and water. The commander commenced the takeoff run and at the calculated rotation speed pulled the control column aft. The aircraft did not appear to rotate in response to the control input and he abandoned the takeoff. The aircraft was brought to a stop on the runway. The probable cause of the incident was the incorrect V1/VR speed selected. Contamination must have been present on the tail surfaces because the aircraft would not rotate at the ‘normal’ rotation speed for its configuration and load but it was not possible to determine whether the contaminant was ice or thickened fluid. The problem may have occurred because fluid was sprayed from the trailing edge towards the leading edge. Two safety recommendations were made.

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Published 10 December 2014