Dornier 328-100, D-CIRT, 23 September 2009

Dornier 328-100, D-CIRT


The aircraft had not been in regular use for almost 2 years and was being repositioned from Dundee to a maintenance facility in Germany, in preparation for sale. The crew experienced a variety of system malfunctions during the takeoff and initial climb, followed by a loss of oil pressure on the left engine. The crew declared an emergency with Leuchars ATC and were receiving radar vectors to return to Dundee when the oil pressure on the right engine also began to fluctuate. The crew advised ATC that they were experiencing problems with both engines and manoeuvred the aircraft to land at RAF Leuchars, an airfield with which they were not familiar. After landing there was no external evidence of an oil leak, but the left and right engines had lost approximately seven and four quarts of oil respectively. The subsequent engineering investigation revealed that in both engines the air-switching valve had seized due to the presence of corrosion, which allowed the oil system to become over pressurised and caused oil to be vented overboard. One Safety Recommendation is made.

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Published 10 December 2014