Diamond HK 36 TC, G-OSFA, 15 November 2005

Diamond HK 36 TC, G-OSFA


Following a local flight the aircraft rejoined the circuit from the west at about 800 feet agl. The pilot noticed some strong turbulence on the base leg and after turning onto the final approach was aware that the crosswind was stronger than forecast. The turbulence that was encountered on the base leg continued during the final approach. During the late stage of the final approach the aircraft encountered a particularly rough area of turbulence with an associated downdraft. The pilot decided to apply full power and execute a ‘go-around’, but the rapid descent continued and the aircraft struck the runway breaking of the nose landing gear. In the past the pilot had carried out some mountain flying in Scotland, Wales and Italy and he likened the turbulence that he encountered to the curl-over effect that he experienced during his mountain flying.

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Published 10 December 2014