DHC-8-402 Dash 8, G-FLBC, 10 October 2010

DHC-8-402 Dash 8, G-FLBC


The aircraft was performing a scheduled passenger service from Southampton to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It was the third sector the aircraft and crew had operated that day and the previous two sectors had proceeded without incident. The co-pilot was the handling pilot and, after a normal landing on Runway 06, applied moderate braking on the runway. The commander then took control of the aircraft as is normal in this type of aircraft. The commander made little use of the wheel brakes during the 14 minute taxi to the stand, where the aircraft was shut down normally. As passenger disembarkation was about to commence through the rear left exit, the ground crew alerted the cabin crew to a fire in the left main wheel assembly and this was relayed to the flight deck crew. The crew halted disembarkation through the rear exit and passengers vacated the aircraft through the front left exit directly into the terminal. Meanwhile the flight deck crew used the radio to inform ATC of the problem. The fire went out after approximately two minutes although the wheel continued to emit smoke until cooled by the aerodrome fire and rescue service (AFRS).

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Published 10 December 2014