DHC-8-311, G-BRYU, 21 December 2004

DHC-8-311, G-BRYU


On 21 December 2004 at 0723 hrs, the pilot experienced high control forces in pitch when rotating the aircraft to get airborne from Edinburgh Airport. Just as the pilot was considering aborting the takeoff above the rotation speed, the aircraft slowly became airborne. After takeoff the pilot exercised the aircraft pitch controls whereupon the control forces returned to normal. The pilot then decided to continue to Manchester where an uneventful landing was made. The cause of the high control forces in pitch were probably due to frozen spring tabs caused either by incomplete de-icing before flight, or by rehydration of the de-icing fluid residue. The aircraft manufacturer has subsequently issued two All Operators Messages applicable to Dash 8 series 100, 200 and 300 aircraft following two instances of a rejected takeoff in the Dash 8 series 200 aircraft due to the inability to rotate at the appropriate rotate speed. The AOMs cite as a potential cause the restriction of the spring tabs due to freezing of rehydrated de-icing fluid residue, and recommends periodic washing of specific aerodynamically “quiet” areas to remove this residue.

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Published 10 December 2014