DHC-8-311 , G-BRYU, 20 June 2005

DHC-8-311 , G-BRYU


The aircraft commander reported that the passengers were disembarking on arrival at Aberdeen when a member of ground staff was observed making gestures indicating an abnormality in the nose area. On leaving the aircraft to investigate the problem, the commander observed what appeared to be smoke coming from a vent under the right hand side of the nose. He returned to the aircraft, by which time all passengers had disembarked. On re-entering the cockpit, he told the First Officer to alert the AFRS and then to evacuate the aircraft. He entered the cabin and advised the cabin crew to evacuate via the forward exit; he then made sure that all power had been removed from the aircraft before he left. On arrival at the aircraft the AFRS determined that the smoke had ceased so no extinguishant was used. An engineer then carried out an investigation with the fire services present. Examination revealed that a very small hole in a hydraulic pipe had sprayed fluid into the hot area of the weather radar, producing a fluid vapour similar to smoke. It is understood that the hole was presumed to have resulted from chaffing/fretting as a result of contact with adjacent structure or piping. At about the time of this incident, a high occurrence rate of hydraulic leaks on the operator’s Dash-8 fleet was identified. It was thus decided to issue an Engineering Technical Requirement calling for

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Published 10 December 2014