DHC-8-311 Dash 8, G-BRYW, 7 October 2005

DHC-8-311 Dash 8, G-BRYW


The DHC-8 aircraft was parked on stand, all the passengers were on board and the engines had been started. Shortly after the Ground Power Unit (GPU) cables had been disconnected from the aircraft, and with nobody in the cab, the GPU moved forward and struck the rotating propeller on the right engine before coming to rest against the fuselage. All the occupants exited the aircraft through the passenger door and no one was injured. The investigation identified a number of maintenance issues with the GPU. No issues were revealed with either the serviceability or operation of the aircraft, and hence this report is focussed on the GPU. Three safety recommendations are made; these relate to the regulations for ground vehicles operating near aircraft, maintenance of the ground vehicle and the manufacturer’s servicing schedule .

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DHC-8-311 Dash 8, G-BRYW 11-06.pdf (538.33 kb)

Published 10 December 2014