DH87B Hornet Moth, G-ADNE, 3 June 2011

DH87B Hornet Moth, G-ADNE


Following an uneventful flight from Sumburgh, the pilot joined the right-hand circuit for Runway 30 at Unst. From the windsock he estimated the wind to be from 270° between 15 and 20 kt. The approach and landing were made left wing down because of the crosswind, with the left mainwheel contacting the ground just before the right. The aircraft skipped briefly before landing back onto the mainwheels. The pilot kept the aircraft straight using full right rudder and some right wheel braking during the landing roll. As the aircraft slowed to about 20 kt the aircraft’s tail rose and could not be lowered with up elevator. The tail continued to rise until the chin cowling and propeller contacted the runway. The propeller shattered and the right undercarriage partially collapsed before the aircraft came to halt. The aircraft was made safe and both occupants vacated the aircraft without injury. The pilot inspected the main undercarriage wheels and brakes and found no defects. He considered that the right wheel brake may have locked up during the landing roll and caused the tail to rise.

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Published 10 December 2014