DH82A Tiger Moth, G-APFU, 15 August 2012

DH82A Tiger Moth, G-APFU


The pilot had already conducted three flights before the incident occurred. Runway 24 was in use, with a strong wind blowing directly across the runway. Before the fourth flight, ATC warned the pilot that the wind was increasing, and that gusts of 30 kt had been observed. The pilot elected to continue the planned flight. The initial stages of takeoff were normal, but as the pilot lifted the tail during the takeoff run, the aircraft was pitched forward onto its nose by what the pilot described as a gust of wind. Both occupants, who were wearing full harnesses and protective helmets, were uninjured and able to push the aircraft back to its hangar. The pilot’s assessment of cause was that the wind was too strong for the Tiger Moth.

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DH82A Tiger Moth G-APFU 11-12.pdf (216.72 kb)

Published 10 December 2014