DH82A Tiger Moth, G-ANFV, 21 June 2008

DH82A Tiger Moth, G-ANFV


The pilot was returning to Shempston farm strip from Perth following an uneventful flight. The tower at RAF Lossiemouth, which is located less than half a mile from the farm strip, reported the wind direction and speed as 130/16 kt. The pilot therefore planned his approach to land on Runway 07, the shorter of two runways at the farm. However, he also observed the windsock on the western end of RAF Lossiemouth was frequently indicating a more easterly wind direction. He continued the approach at an indicated airspeed of 60 kt, flaring the aircraft at between 6 and 8 ft and closing the throttle. The aircraft responded normally. However, before touching down the pilot reported that the aircraft experienced a sudden downdraft and contacted the runway heavily in a slightly left wing low attitude. Despite damage the aircraft continued the landing roll before coming to rest. Both occupants exited the aircraft without difficulty and were uninjured.

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Published 10 December 2014