DH82A Tiger Moth, G-AMTV, 9 August 2005

DH82A Tiger Moth, G-AMTV


The aircraft was refuelled after being flown three times earlier in the day and the pilot then briefed his passenger for the next flight. After a normal engine start, taxi and power checks, the take-off was commenced on grass runway 04 which is 30 m wide. The surface wind was estimated to be 320º/5 kt and the temperature 23ºC. Full power was selected and the control column moved fully forward with sufficient left aileron to counteract the crosswind. The pilot became concerned during the take-off roll that the tail was not rising at its usual rate. At approximately 40 kt IAS, with the tail still not properly elevated, the left wing lifted. Although the pilot was able to correct this with full left aileron, the aircraft drifted right towards the standing crop of maize growing by the side of the runway. The aircraft became airborne at 50 kt IAS with the pilot’s intention being to gain further airspeed in level flight before climbing away. However, the drift to the right continued and the right main wheel contacted the crop causing a yaw to the right, a decrease in airspeed and subsequent descent into the crop. As the aircraft contacted the crop, it pitched onto its back. The damage to the aircraft was assessed as beyond economic repair. Both occupants, who were wearing four point harnesses, were able to vacate the cockpit with the pilot suffering from minor cuts and bruises.

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Published 10 December 2014