DH82A Tiger Moth, G-AHVV, 14 September 2008

DH82A Tiger Moth, G-AHVV


Shortly after takeoff, when at approximately 200 ft above ground level, the engine speed dropped to idle. The pilot lowered the nose of the aircraft to maintain flying speed and turned right to land in a suitable field. The aircraft cleared a sturdy barbed wire fence but, as the aircraft touched down, a cow ran under and struck the left wing, causing substantial damage to the aircraft. The cow was apparently uninjured. The aircraft rolled to a halt and the two occupants, who were uninjured, vacated the aircraft normally. Investigation of the aircraft by a local engineer found corrosion debris in the carburettor float bowl, and this appeared to have originated from within the float bowl itself. The fuel tank, fuel lines and fuel filter were found to be clean. It is likely that this debris had blocked the carburettor jets, causing the reduction in power, as the engine ran normally once the debris had been removed.

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An addendum was published in the July 2009 Bulletin concerning this report.
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Published 10 December 2014