Devenport MB Escapade 912(1), G-CDEV, 10 June 2008

Devenport MB Escapade 912(1), G-CDEV


The pilot made an approach to land on Runway 27 at Wing Farm with a light north-westerly wind. There is a row of tall poplar trees, perpendicular to and near the right side of the threshold of this runway. As the aircraft passed below the height of the tops of these trees, its rate of descent increased rapidly. It landed heavily on the runway and bounced, following which the pilot applied full power and performed a go-around. The second landing resulted in a gentle three-point touchdown further down the runway, but the aircraft then rapidly slewed to the right and departed the runway, coming to rest in recently cut stubble. The occupants were wearing full harnesses and exited the aircraft using their respective doors. It was evident that the landing gear support structure in the fuselage had deformed, probably as a result of the previous landing, and that this had caused the aircraft to veer off the runway after the second touchdown. The pilot attributed the high rate of descent to the influence of the trees on the local wind; it is likely that the headwind component would have been reduced in the lee of the trees. He also thought that his first approach had been too slow, given the potential for wind effects behind the trees.

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Published 10 December 2014