Denney Kitfox Mk2, G-BXBP, 10 July 2009

Denney Kitfox Mk2, G-BXBP


On the morning of the accident the pilot had completed his tailwheel familiarisation and conversion onto Kitfox, later that day he planned a local flight with one passenger. He completed the pre-flight checks and lined up on Runway 21; the wind was 4-7 kt from a direction of 240°. As the pilot advanced the throttle the aircraft accelerated; however it began to drift towards the left side of the runway. The pilot applied right rudder to correct the drift and rotated. The aircraft became airborne but heading for a line of trees to the right of the runway. The pilot yawed the aircraft to the left, but the aircraft stalled and descended and hit the ground. The pilot subsequently considered that the initial application of power was excessive, with the tail still on the ground, and this had caused the aircraft to yaw left. Furthermore, the application of right rudder was an overcorrection and the aircraft became airborne prematurely with a high pitch attitude whilst yawing to the right.

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