DA40D Diamond Star, G-HASO, 29 June 2004

DA40D Diamond Star, G-HASO


The pilot was returning to the airfield when the engine caution light illuminated. The oil pressure was indicating in the amber caution zone and then the engine suffered a sudden power loss. The pilot transmitted an urgency call but moments later the oil pressure reduced into the red range, the engine failed and the propeller stopped. From an altitude of 2,000 feet the pilot carried out a successful forced landing into a field. The nose gear collapsed during the landing roll but the pilot was able to vacate the aircraft normally via the front canopy door. A detailed examination of the aircraft, engine and turbocharger revealed the following probable sequence of events. The turbocharger compressor was damaged by ingestion of a foreign object, which resulted in an imbalance that caused vibration. This vibration induced a fatigue failure of a bearing and a piece of this bearing passed into the oil scavenge pump, causing it to seize. With the pump seized, the oil separator overfilled causing the engine oil to exit via the breather line. This caused a loss of oil pressure that resulted in the engine overheating and eventually seizing. Two safety recommendations were made to help prevent reoccurrence.

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Published 10 December 2014