DA 42 Twin Star, G-PETS, 8 August 2009

DA 42 Twin Star, G-PETS


The instructor stated that he was planning on completing the second instructional flight of the day for an experienced qualified pilot who occupied the left hand seat. Having received clearance from Jersey ATC to taxi to Holding Point Golf, the student taxied the aircraft from the visiting light aircraft park. At the time the aircraft park was full, as a result the instructor closely monitored the student and the aircraft’s progress until it had exited the parking area and was on the paved track that goes past the Aero Club to Taxiway Alpha. He added that once the aircraft was on the access track he briefly diverted his attention to record the aircraft’s off chocks time when the collision happened. Furthermore he did not look ahead to see any possible confliction prior to the collision. G-PETS suffered a light scuffing of its port winglet while G-BOMS sufferd a crushed wingtip fairing and three foot slit in underwing surface. The instructor added that he had not read the notes about the access track on the airfield chart or in the AIP and that the lesson learned is not to write notes while the aircraft is moving.

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