Cyclone AX3/503, G-MYRO, 7 May 2011

Cyclone AX3/503, G-MYRO


The aircraft was on final approach to Runway 11 at an airstrip at Linton, near Maidstone, Kent. The weather was reported to be generally good, with a light wind from the south that occasionally gusted to 12 kt. The pilot reports that “while holding off prior to flare the aircraft was suddenly hit by a very large/freak gust of wind that began to carry it sideways towards adjoining rough ground”. The pilot initiated a go-around but was unable to prevent the aircraft from rolling to the left and colliding with the ground to the north of the runway. The aircraft was badly damaged but the pilot, who was uninjured, was able to vacate the aircraft normally. There was no fire.

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Cyclone AX3 503, G-MYRO 09-11.pdf (211.95 kb)

Published 10 December 2014