Cozy, G-BXDO, 10 July 2004

Cozy, G-BXDO


The Cozy canard design is similar in appearance to the Long-EZ. G-BXDO was flying from Kemble to Shobdon when the inspection hatch for the retractable nose wheel system separated from the upper surface of the nose and passed through the propeller. This caused severe vibrations, resulting in a forced landing before which the pilot turned off all the aircraft systems. The surface wind was from 300? at 15 kt and the landing direction created a significant crosswind component. After touchdown, the aircraft’s nosewheel sank into soft ground and the nose landing gear collapsed. The aircraft pitched onto its back, causing substantial damage to the airframe including destruction of the right wing and foreplane. The aircraft was quickly righted by people at the scene and the pilot then exited normally, once the canopy, which opens upwards on a side hinge, was free. AAIB Bulletin 8/2003 on G-BXJI includes Safety Recommendation 2003-70 to the CAA concerning the design of exits and the provision of safety equipment. This was accepted by the CAA but had not been actioned by the JAA as of November 2004. The report on G-BXDO repeats the Safety Recommendation as 2004-107 to the EASA.

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Published 10 December 2014