Cirrus SR22, N192SR, 28 July 2009

Cirrus SR22, N192SR


The aircraft was established on the final approach for Runway 24 at Goodwood with landing flap selected and an approach speed of 80 kt IAS. The aircraft was flared at the normal height followed by a smooth touchdown with the throttle closed. The pilot applied forward side stick controller which lowered the nose landing gear onto the runway. Whilst the aircraft adopted an untidy and a steeper than usual nose down attitude, the pilot heard no unusual noises or change in engine RPM. The aircraft was taxied to the parking area and shut down. During his after flight inspection, he noticed that there was damage to the tips of the propeller and the nose landing gear oleo. Prior to flying the Cirrus, the pilot’s last four flights had been in the Piper Aztec. The landing technique for that aircraft is to move the control column forward on touch down in order to enable the nose wheel steering. The pilot considered that his application of excessive forward side stick controller had led to the damage. This was from having adopted the Aztec landing technique as opposed to that required in the Cirrus.

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Published 10 December 2014