Chevvron 2-32, G-MVGE, 11 August 2007

Chevvron 2-32, G-MVGE


The aircraft arrived over North Moor Airfield and at 2000 ft, the pilot restarted the engine which had been shut down during the flight. The pilot completed the checks which included operating the engine briefly at maximum rpm. However, on final approach to Runway 27 the engine lost power; the pilot attempted to restart the engine without success. He retracted the trailing edge drag flaps and turned right thorough 180º, in an attempt to avoid power lines and to clear standing crops before landing in a stubble field into wind. However, the aircraft did not reach the selected field and stalled into the tops of a maize crop approximately 8 ft high. There were no injuries to the pilot or passenger. The pilot considered that with a low power descent from 2,000 ft to circuit height and the approach power, high air temperature of around 24ºC and humid conditions the cause of the power loss was due to carburettor icing. No carburettor heating was available on this particular aircraft, although there is a modification available which can be fitted to provide heating.

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Published 10 December 2014