CFM-Metal Fax Shadow Series BD, G-MTTH, 20 May 2008

CFM-Metal Fax Shadow Series BD, G-MTTH


The aircraft made what the pilot considered to be a “correct approach” to the grass Runway 09 at Bucknall airfield. He described the visibility as good and estimated that the wind was easterly at 8 kt. Shortly before touchdown the aircraft dropped unexpectedly to the ground from a height of approximately 10 ft, resulting in a heavy landing which distorted the tail boom. The pilot considered that the unexpected descent was caused by disturbance of the air as it passed over a clump of trees near the start of the runway. The circumstances are similar to those reported in AAIB Bulletins 9/2004 and 6/2000 in which aircraft of related type, G-BRZZ and G-BUVX

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Published 10 December 2014