Cessna T310R, G-VDIR, 4 September 2005

Cessna T310R, G-VDIR


The pilot reported that whilst preparing to land at North Weald Aerodrome to take on fuel, he became aware that he did not have a ‘three greens’ undercarriage indication in the cockpit. Air Traffic Control subsequently confirmed that the main landing gear did not appear to be fully extended. The pilot embarked on a period of circling in the local area whilst he attempted to extend the gear fully, both by cycling the retraction system electrically and by using the manual crank mechanism. These attempts were abandoned after about 30 minutes, when an electrical burning smell became apparent and the gear had still failed to lock down correctly. Subsequently, a gentle touchdown was accomplished on the grass adjoining the runway with the gear in a partially extended condition, following which the gear collapsed and the aircraft subsided onto its fuselage. After sliding a short distance, it came to rest and the pilot disembarked. The aircraft was examined subsequently by an insurance assessor who reported that, after the aircraft had been lifted and appropriately supported, he was able manually to extend and lock down all three landing gears. However, deformations of the various rods and cranks which made up the electrically actuated system, caused by the gear collapsing after touchdown, prevented him from determining the cause of the original malfunction.

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Published 10 December 2014