Cessna FR172J Reims Rocket, G-BDOE, 20 August 2012

Cessna FR172J Reims Rocket, G-BDOE


The aircraft was landing back at a private farm strip, orientated 03/21, after a 55-minute flight. The weather was fine, with a south-westerly wind of 10 kt. The approach, which was being made into wind, was slightly higher than usual but otherwise seemed normal. Full flap was selected and power was increased. A small valley lies across the approach to the airstrip and, typically, causes an area of sink, which was anticipated. However, as the pilot opened the throttle, the engine did not respond.

The aircraft was unable to clear a hedge in the undershoot, so the pilot raised the nose of the aircraft just prior to impact. The underneath of the aircraft struck the hedge before it came to rest on the grass runway beyond. The pilot secured the aircraft and he and his passenger vacated it, uninjured. There was no fire and no oil or fuel leaks.

At the time of reporting, the cause of the loss of power had not been established, but the aircraft throttle was found to have been in the fully open position. A person nearby heard the engine rpm increase after full flap was lowered, but then no other engine noise before impact.

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Published 10 December 2014