Cessna F177RG Cardinal, G-BFPZ, 28 November 2005

Cessna F177RG Cardinal, G-BFPZ


The aircraft was returning to Swansea from Exeter following repairs after a heavy landing. After completing one ‘touch and go’ the pilot rejoined the circuit. When the landing gear was selected ‘down’ the pilot observed a ‘gear unsafe’ warning light. After recycling the landing gear, the control tower reported that the nose leg had not extended. The pilot then made several unsuccessful attempts to lower it using the normal electrically powered system, before trying the emergency hand pump. After several minutes of pumping the control tower advised that the nose gear was only partially extended. The pilot then elected to carry out a landing with the nose landing gear in this condition, which collapsed as the nose wheel touched the runway. With the possible exception of the landing gear system circuit breaker, no pre-accident defects were identified with the landing gear operating system,

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Published 10 December 2014